Meet Our Team

Paul Furman


Paul Furman, Co-Owner of AJF Inspections & Engineering and a Professional Engineer (PE) for over 45 years, has trained many inspectors in Home, Commercial, and Termite Inspections. His high standards and tough “Boot Camp” are well-respected. Paul has personally inspected over 20,000 residential and commercial properties from coast to coast and was named 2017 & 2018 Home Inspector of the Year.

Paul is a degreed engineer from Virginia Tech and is licensed in both Arizona and Pennsylvania. Prior to moving to Arizona, Paul owned an inspection and environmental company in Pennsylvania. He also spent years in construction and in the nuclear power industry. Paul was born in Waltham, Massachusetts, and went to high school in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, but is an “army brat” who has lived around the world.

When not inspecting, Paul can be found at the CrossFit gym as he finished 15th in the world of the Master’s Division at the 2017 CrossFit Games. He also enjoys golfing, skiing, and watching football (or any other sport).

Licensed Professional Engineer #30703, AZ BTR License #38094

OPM QP License #30151, OPM Termite License #051009

Sharon Wolf-Furman


Sharon, Co-Owner of AJF Inspections & Engineering, relocated to Arizona from Philadelphia in 1996 where she was President and Co-owner of an environmental and inspection company. Upon relocating to Scottsdale, Sharon and Paul started AJF Inspections & Engineering and have been leading the home inspection industry since.

Sharon has strong customer relations and marketing skills, as well as a drive for community involvement. Her former career was in the television industry specializing in programming, marketing, and research. She is a graduate of George Washington University with a Communications and Psychology degree.

Sharon’s hobbies include the arts, reading, wine, entertaining, and of course, her family, friends, and dogs.

Allie Jennings

Operations Manager

Allie joined the AJF team in 2011 as the part-time bookkeeper and accounting manager. However, she truly grew up in the business as she’s the “A” in AJF. Allie has loved watching the business grow from starting in her family’s home to an amazing team of office support and inspectors. She’s so proud to be a part of the company’s growth. Allie values the role that AJF plays in helping people find their next home, and her favorite part of the job is meeting and interacting with new people every day.

Allie spends her spare time with her husband, their son, and her parents and brother. She enjoys staying active with Crossfit, trying new restaurants, and experimenting with new recipes at home.

Ross Baudhuin

Services Manager

Ross joined the AJF Team in 2002 and is the longest tenured member of the team. He grew up in California and Arizona and honorably served the country in the United States Marine Corps. His favorite part of working in the home inspection business is the different conditions and scenery he sees every day, and he believes that the team’s training and years of experience set AJF apart from their competition.

Ross is married with 3.5 children, 4 horses, 3 dogs, and 4 chickens and enjoys hunting, camping, and competitive archery in his spare time.

AZ BTR License #39707, OPM Termite License #051294

Michael Vasquez

Growth Manager

Michael comes to AJF with 20+ years in sales leadership and marketing experience where he has helped large consumer brands as well as small to mid-size local businesses. Most recently, Michael has spent the last 9 years in the startup world, helping multiple companies bring new technology products to market, grow revenue-leading sales teams, and build company portfolio’s for investment or acquisition. Michael is excited to accelerate AJF’s continued growth in home inspections and additional services.

Michael recently moved back to Arizona with his family and looks forward to developing deep roots in the community. He enjoys exploring the Southwest, hiking local trails, and trying many of the great neighborhood restaurants.

Kurtis Nelson

Senior Inspector

Kurtis has been inspecting homes since 1998 and has completed thousands of residential and commercial inspections. Kurtis is a true native of Arizona, and was born in Mesa and has lived there his entire life with the exception of the four years he spent traveling with the U.S. Air Force. Prior to becoming a home inspector, Kurtis was a real estate appraiser and a FEMA inspector.

When not working, Kurtis is busy with his family and in his opinion, too many pets.

AZ BTR License #38457, OPM Termite License #060042

Rick Hoffman

Senior Inspector

Rick has performed thousands of inspections with AJF. Prior to becoming a home inspector, he was a custom home builder. He was born and raised in California, but in 2005, Rick decided to move to the Phoenix area for the outdoor lifestyle.

When not working, you can find him hiking, camping, hunting, or riding his motorcycle.

AZ BTR License #49571, OPM Termite License #090761

Jeff Hoffman

Senior Inspector

Originally from Minneapolis, Jeff Hoffman started his inspection career with AJF Inspections & Engineering in December 2014. After going through Paul’s infamous and well-respected boot camp, Jeff decided he liked the variety of the job, including seeing different houses, people, and interesting situations every day. The support from his fellow inspectors is one of his favorite aspects of the AJF Team.

In his spare time, Jeff enjoys fishing, biking, playing/coaching hockey, watching his kids play sports, and spending time with his family and their yellow lab, Ozzie.

AZ BTR License #59145, OPM Termite License #150439

Stacy Hodges

Senior Inspector

Stacy Hodges joined The AJF Team in January 2014. He is originally from Southern California, but has called Arizona home for most of his life. Stacy most enjoys that each home he inspects is different, which keeps every day interesting. He believes the difference between AJF and other companies is the support system. Stacy appreciates being a part of an amazing team of inspectors while having a great office team who supports the inspectors out in the field.

When he’s not on the job, Stacy enjoys riding motorcycles on the track and on the open road.

AZ BTR License #62082, OPM Termite License #160546

Eric Werner


Eric has been inspecting since 2016 and joined the AJF Team in 2017. He hails from small town Indiana and enjoys working in an environment where no two days are the same and he can educate clients in a thoughtful way. Eric believes the team’s ongoing training and Paul’s “Boot Camp” are what set the entire team apart from the competition and what drives him to give his absolute best every day.

When he’s not inspecting, Eric plays music, explores the Valley with his wife, and enjoys time with their new baby boy and two rescue dogs.

AZ BTR License #62219, OPM Termite License #171280

Bob Clardy


Bob is originally from Long Beach, CA but has lived in Phoenix for over 30 years. Bob joined the AJF Family in 2017 and has over 15 years of experience in the real estate and inspection industry, including the understanding of home performance and efficiency. He feels that the company comradery, training, pride, and everyone striving for excellence makes AJF Inspectors the finest in the industry.

Bob and his wife love animals and have a history of adopting many pets that need homes. Also, in his free time, Bob loves to spend time with his family, hike and fish.

AZ BTR License #66715, OPM License #180384

Levi Kinsey


5th Generation Arizona native, Levi, has been an inspector with AJF since February 2018. Levi has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, including 15 years of home building. He looks at every house as a new puzzle to figure out and enjoys being able to meet new people every day in this business! He says that AJF Inspectors are the best in the business because of the training, care, and the time we take to investigate.

Levi and his wife love to hike, watch movies, and are excited for the arrival of their baby boy in May 2019!

AZ BTR License #65237, OPM Termite License #180517

Matt Watson


Originally from San Diego, Matt graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University with a degree in Engineering and then decided to make the move to Phoenix in 2017. He joined AJF in 2018, and one of his favorite aspects about the job is the collective team effort and the ability to constantly learn!

When not inspecting, Matt can be found playing in a softball league, traveling with his wife to Flagstaff for snowboarding or wakeboarding in the Colorado River.

AZ BTR License #67455, OPM Termite License #181154

Ben Schwartz


Ben is an Arizona native who has been a home inspector since 2016. He enjoys being able to bring substantial value and peace of mind to a client through a comprehensive and thorough inspection. He was excited to join the AJF Family because of our high standards, vision, and rock-solid support system that allows our team members to excel, succeed, and grow. In his free time, Ben enjoys weightlifting, hiking, and taking advantage of the Arizona outdoors with his two dogs, Kodah and Sawyer.

AZ BTR License # 64332, OPM License # 200567

Matthew Shakespeare


Matt was born in Denver, Colorado but has called Arizona home for most of his life. He has a vast experience in different trades that include commercial roofing, handyman repairs, and insurance sales. Matt has always wanted to be a home inspector and after his wife completed her Master’s in Business Administration, he was able to go to school to fulfill his goal of becoming a licensed inspector.

Matt joined AJF in June 2020 and could not be happier to be a part of the Team! When not inspecting, he loves spending time with his wife, two boys, and their two Labradors. He and his family love to camp and watch sports, especially football!

AZ BTR License # 71289, OPM License # 200936

Brad Boldrini


Brad has lived in Pleasanton, California for most of his life before moving to Arizona in 2020 and joining AJF. Brad has extensive experience in building trades and has been a contractor for over 30 years. He even grew up working in his dad’s cabinet shop!

During his career he has been a kitchen remolding contractor and owned a countertop shop. He has specialized in window and door installation and worked as a handyman before moving to Arizona.

Brad was excited to take his vast knowledge and experience into becoming a licensed home inspector and we are fortunate to have Brad on the Team! In his spare time, Brad loves spending quality time with his friends.

AZ BTR License # 71651, OPM License # 200588

Mark Marzocco


Mark is originally from Wisconsin and even lived in Maui before making Arizona home. Prior to becoming an inspector, Mark remodeled homes and was a handyman for over twenty years. His interest in homes started in high school when he started studying architecture and he even went onto becoming a professional draftsman for a few years. Aside from being a home inspector, Mark is also a musician and plays the drums, guitars, and sings! He released his first CD in June 2020. He also enjoys yoga and meditation in his free time.

AZ BTR License # 72069, OPM License # 201247

Tyler Wolfe


Tyler grew up in an Army family, so he had the opportunity to live in 13 different states and even Korea! He learned how to be handy and Mr. “Fix It” from his father and has knowledge of carpentry, plumbing, and more. After 20 years as a social worker, Tyler decided to make a career out of his “off work” interests and become a licensed home inspector. He chose AJF due to our great reputation, emphasis on learning, and sense of family. Tyler’s goal with each inspection is to elevate the client’s experience with his attention to detail, thoroughness, and ability to decipher and communicate what he is seeing at the property. In his free time, Tyler enjoys weightlifting, camping, motorcycles, and spending time with his wife, 2 kids, and their 3 dogs!

AZ BTR License # 71975, OPM License # 210059

David Gramp


David is a native to Arizona and a lifelong musician. He has always been fascinated by the world of real estate and after careful consideration, he decided that becoming an inspector was the best career move! He understands the importance of the inspector’s role in the real estate transaction and is truly passionate about helping clients make the best decision possible for themselves and their family. David did his research before joining AJF and was excited to join a company with a solid reputation that focuses on training and provides the opportunity to learn and grow in this field. In his spare time, David loves exploring and finding new local spots with his two sons. He enjoys reading, writing, philosophy, charity, and of course music!

AZ BTR License # 66158, OPM License # 201244

Maria Sweitzer

Scheduling Manager

Maria has been part of the AJF family since 2006 and ensures that all inspections are scheduled in a timely and efficient manner. Her favorite part of working in the home inspection business is interacting with so many different personalities.

Maria is originally from Madison Heights, Michigan. She enjoys reading, spending time in the Arizona sun, and gardening in her spare time.

Jamie Sullivan

Client Coordinator

Jamie is a more recent addition to the AJF family as she joined the Office Team in July 2019. She is an Arizona native and grew up in Central Phoenix. She has enjoyed learning more about the many details of the real estate industry and the importance of our role in the inspection process. When not answering the phone at AJF and scheduling inspections, Jamie is most likely coin collecting, hiking, biking, or spending time with her twin sister and over 25 first cousins!

Rox Stewart

Marketing & Sales Associate

Rox grew up in Pennsylvania and has lived in Arizona for many years. Rox has extensive experience in real estate as he was a general contractor and then a Realtor before recently joining AJF. He brings to the AJF Team a vast amount of knowledge and excellent perspective of the industry, which is a great asset in his role as the Marketing & Sales Associate. When not working, Rox enjoys reading, home projects, working on his model railroad, and going to the gym. He and his wife have 3 sons and 8 grandchildren, which explains their many trips to Southern California!

Alison Eaton

Key Account Executive

Alison grew up in Alaska and moved to Arizona in 2008 with the intention of finding work in the real estate industry.  She ended up spending twelve years working in customer service and account management in insurance and banking.  Alison is excited to have found her way into real estate by joining the AJF family in a role that utilizes her extensive experience with building client relationships and business development.  Alison enjoys assisting in AJF’s continued growth in inspections and ancillary services, while being a resource to our clients and realtor community.  When not working, she can be found at the gym, eating, cuddling with her pups, and spending time with family!

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