Commercial Inspections

Commercial Inspections

AJF has been servicing commercial clients for over 26 years and is a leader in the Valley when inspecting all types of commercial properties.  AJF has performed thousands of commercial inspections and offers a number of additional inspection services to ensure you have as much information about the property you are purchasing as possible.  AJF’s commercial offerings include:

Property Condition Assessment (Exceeds the ASTM E2018-15)

AJF’s commercial property inspection exceeds the ASTM E2018-15 standard for Property Condition Assessment set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (“ASTM”).  AJF’s experienced inspectors will perform a more thorough inspection than the ASTM standard requires for the roof, electrical system, and HVAC/heating systems.

Our Property Condition Assessment findings are presented in an industry-leading, easy-to-use cloud-based report so that the information is accessible anywhere.  Our report includes photos, videos, and informational sections to ensure you have a clear understanding of the property’s condition.

Sewer Line Inspection

AJF has a dedicated team of Sewer Line Inspectors with decades of expertise.  We use state-of-the-art camera equipment to produce high-quality videos and photos showing the condition of the property’s main sewer line from under the slab to the main city connection or septic tank.  A sewer line inspection can protect you from being surprised by a costly, time consuming, and unpleasant sewer line issue that could have been prevented through repairs or maintenance.  Sewer inspection findings are shared through the same industry-leading report system as our Property Condition Assessments.

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5-Year Capital Cost Estimate

When negotiating in a commercial transaction, information is power.  That is why we offer a 5-Year Capital Cost Estimate which will provide a system-by-system estimate of the expected cost to repair or replace components that are likely to reach the end of their useful life within the next 5 years.  The estimate will also include necessary major repairs that are likely to exceed $3,000.

Termite Inspection

AJF’s inspectors are all licensed to perform termite inspections in the State of Arizona.  AJF will perform a visual termite inspection of the property to identify evidence of previous termite damage or active termite infestation.

Mold Screening

Mold is often hidden behind walls or under flooring, which is why AJF offers Mold Screening to detect whether elevated amounts of mold spores are present inside the property.  This test can detect mold that would otherwise be hidden from a visual inspection.

Radon Testing

Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally in the ground.  When elevated levels are present, it can cause harm without proper ventilation and remediation efforts.  We offer Radon testing to our commercial inspection clients because radon is more common in Arizona than most people think.