New construction home inspection

5 Reasons to Get a New Construction Home Inspection

Home buying is a lifetime experience for many people. But it can be subject to several problems that go unnoticed by the naked eye. Some problems of your new home include drainage problems, structural or functional issues, roofing, HVAC, and settling issues. That’s where a new construction home inspection saves you.  

A home inspection on new construction identifies any potential problems to stop them from prevailing. It also ensures your investment protection and gives you negotiation leverage. 

AJF Engineering guides you throughout new construction inspection in this blog. We will discuss five reasons you shouldn’t skip a new construction inspection. We’ll also dig into the common problems of new homes.  

Common Problems of New Homes

New homes can be subject to various issues, no matter how fresh their curb appeal is. Homeowners need to consider a new construction inspection before these issues pile up and form a vicious cycle. Here are some common problems encountered in new construction homes:

Poor Workmanship

Some builders may compromise on the workmanship quality to complete projects quickly and efficiently. This can lead to issues like uneven flooring, misaligned tiles, or improperly installed fixtures.

Drainage Problems

Improper drainage around the foundation can cause water pooling. This will lead your newly built home to issues like basement flooding, erosion, and even structural damage with time.

Settling Issues

New homes often settle in the months after construction. Some level settling is normal, but its excess is a sign of trouble. This may result in cracks in the walls, ceilings, and foundation. It also indicates unstable ground or poorly compacted soil.

Structural Issues

Various structural problems may arise in your new home. It includes foundational issues, load-bearing walls with poor design, and the use of shoddy building materials. Such issues compromise the entire structure’s integrity. 

Functional Problems

New homes can have functional faults in plumbing, electrical wiring, and HVAC systems. These issues might not be apparent immediately but can cause significant disturbance. You can also expect costly repairs later on.

Pest Infestations

When it comes to pest problems, new homes are not necessarily immune. Even the most modern and well-constructed homes can have gaps or cracks. These cracks and gaps provide entry points for pests like rodents and insects. And these entry points can lead to infestations that can be difficult to contain if not addressed promptly. 

HVAC Issues

It’s not a surprise to face HVAC system problems even if you are a new homeowner. The HVAC system shows issues if it’s an undersized unit or installed improperly. These issues should not be taken lightly as they affect heating and cooling efficiency. It can also impact indoor air quality and result in higher energy bills.

For instance, when the HVAC system is undersized, it will struggle to maintain an optimal temperature. This will lead to higher energy consumption and cause an uncomfortable living environment. You may also notice that the HVAC system starts getting wear and tear. In the other case, if the HVAC system is improperly installed, it will affect the airflow. It also causes inefficiency in the heating and cooling.

Roofing Problems 

Even if your home and its roof are new, it can still have problems. These problems include poor shingle installation, inadequate flashing, and improper ventilation. You may also notice water leaks and damage. These roofing problems reduce its stability and longevity.

Roofing issues, such as poor installation of shingles, inadequate flashing, or improper ventilation, can lead to leaks, water damage, and reduced roof lifespan.

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip a New Construction Inspection

A new construction home inspection holds immense importance for various reasons. It ensures homebuyers get exactly what they pay for and avoids potential pitfalls. Here are the five key reasons highlighting the importance of a new construction home inspection. 

Detection of Hidden Problems

Even brand-new homes can have hidden issues. These issues are not immediately visible. They can range from faulty wiring to plumbing problems or structural deficiencies. A professional inspector can identify these hidden problems, giving you a clear picture of the home’s condition. And save you from potential future expenses.

Safety Assurance

Ensuring your family’s safety is on top of everything else. A new construction inspection verifies your home is built according to safety standards. This includes aspects like proper wiring, secure plumbing, and protection from fire hazards. You will be ultimately satisfied, knowing your new home is a secure environment for you and your loved ones.

Protection of Investment

Buying a home is a significant investment, and anyone would want to protect it at any cost. A new construction home inspection helps you there. It protects your investment by revealing any defects or substandard work. Addressing these issues before the purchase secures your money from burning. The home inspection on new construction ensures you get the quality you paid for. And results in preventing future costly repairs.

Negotiation Power

If the inspection uncovers problems, you will have a strong negotiating position with the builder. You can either ask for necessary repairs or negotiate at a lower price. This will help you accommodate the cost of fixing the issues. Having a professional inspection report strengthens your stance. And it will ensure a fair deal and prevent you from overpaying for a flawed property.

Documentation for Future Reference

An inspection report gives valuable information on a home’s condition when buying. This document is important for future reference when you sell the property. It also brings transparency to potential buyers, showing the house’s state when you bought it. Ultimately, it will ensure a smoother resale process.


In a nutshell, a new construction home inspection is not just a formality but a crucial step. It ensures the quality, safety, and value of your investment. A new construction inspection offers numerous benefits that far outweigh its cost. We strongly recommend investing in a professional new construction home inspection before the just-started issues turn into unseen problems. Tune into our blog section to learn everything regarding home inspections.