The Importance of a Quality Home Inspection by AJF Engineering

When selecting a home inspection company for your property, there are several cautions and reminders for you. Knowing a few key pieces of information about your inspector can reduce risk and liability, while increasing education and disclosure.

Important credentials to look for in an inspector:

Insurance: Ask if the inspector has full E & 0 insurance that indemnifies the referring Realtor. Don’t hesitate to ask for a current copy to be sent to your broker. The state only requires a minimal surety bond, which could leave you exposed.

Licensed: All AZ fee paid inspectors must be certified by the Arizona Board of Technical Registration (AZ BTR). They must adhere to the AZ BTR’s Professional Standards of Practice. Visit their website (www.btr.state.az.us) to confirm the inspector’s licensing and to obtain a copy of the standards.

Seasoned: For all transactions, whether on the listing or buying side, EXPERIENCE COUNTS!!! Newly licensed inspectors only have to complete 30 inspections to obtain their license which will not prepare them for all types, ages and conditions of homes that they may encounter on an inspection. Look for an inspector with a minimum of 1,000 inspections under his/her belt to ensure they have the necessary experience.

Repairs: Home inspectors FIND issues. They are not required to tell how to correct the problem or give an estimate to the cost of repairs. An experienced inspector may be able to give you an idea. However, be proactive and have your contractor team assembled to respond quickly as to the scope and/or cost of any issues.

Expectations: Setting proper expectations – an excellent home inspector will have direct dialogue with the client prior to the inspection, detailing the scope of the inspection, any major concerns and the cost of services. The inspection is a visual inspection for the conditions that exist at the time of the inspection. The inspector will not move furniture, possessions and carpet; open up walls; etc. A thorough and professional home inspection will reduce the risk in purchasing a home, but cannot eliminate all risks.

Strong Communicator: An excellent inspector will be able to articulate his findings in a clear and professional manner. He will keep issues in their proper perspective without being an alarmist. He will take the time to explain all the issues and answer any of his client’s questions.

Cost: The inspection cost depends on the size and age of the home, and whether the clients wants a pool, spa and/or termite inspection. Cheaper is not always better. Often the inspectors significantly discounting services are less experienced and not as thorough. The cliché “you get what you pay for” certainly holds true in the inspection industry.

A quality inspection is extremely important to determine the home’s condition so that you may make an informed decision about purchasing a home. Spending a little extra time searching out a competent, experienced and professional inspector will ensure you have a positive inspection experience.